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Posted by Gina Pappas on July 7, 2010 |

In the traditional sense, PR is about putting your clients in the news (or, in some cases, keeping them out). Although this can be done in a variety of ways, the traditional method is via press release. In a previous blog, I examined the changing role of the press release and the challenge of using it to grab the media’s attention.

The changing landscape is forcing PR professionals to examine new ways to add value to our clients’ PR programs – ways that extend beyond traditional media. Here are two examples that we are putting to work for our clients:

1) Develop an e-mail newsletter:

E-mail is an instant, personal and simple way to speak to people who already have a relationship with you and who are open to hearing from you. Designing it in a way that makes it obvious that it’s coming from your company, and including content that shares your expertise, can add value to your existing relationships and help create new contacts.

Start by developing a database of contacts that you think would be open to receiving your information. E-mail distribution services such as Constant Contact make it easy to manage the list and make adjustments over time. Distribute the newsletter once a month, or even with less frequency. Be sure the content is valuable – don’t send information that will make your contacts feel spammed.

Built-in share functions are available and allow recipients to spread the newsletter content via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You should also promote the newsletter and its content on your company’s own social media pages.

2) Implement a social media plan:

We’ve been singing the praises of social media for a while now, and for good reason. Having a social media presence on sites appropriate for your business not only allows you to share company news, but it also does much more. As one client so accurately stated, “It’s the credibility factor.”

Nowadays, including social media in your company’s PR strategy is arguably as necessary as having a corporate web site. While all forms of social media aren’t appropriate for all types of business, I truly believe that any business can find a good fit among at least one of the social media networking options that are currently available.

What do e-mail newsletters and social media strategies have in common with traditional media relations campaigns?

They all require content that delivers value to the reader or viewer. This is the core reason these types of strategies work so well together. If you create content that has real news value, it will work in both traditional and new media spaces. The leading PR professionals are taking full advantage of the expanding and evolving opportunities to share their clients’ news, while not forgetting the fundamentals.




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