Website 911 — Will your corporate website go the way of the landline?

Posted by Gina Pappas on May 26, 2011 | Comments (1)

Earlier this week, I attended the PR News Facebook conference in New York City, sponsored by mBLAST and BurrellesLuce. It was a great event full of interesting speakers, and an eager audience of PR pros who learned Facebook best practices from the big-brand heavy hitters that sat on each panel.

The panelists, including PR representatives from Kraft, Vaseline and People magazine, illustrated how robustly Facebook can be used to reach the masses. For example, People magazine was able to increase “Likes” on their Facebook page from 23,000 to more than one million in just over six months’ time. With more than 600 million users, the power of Facebook’s ability to tell a company’s story is impossible to deny.

As Facebook functionality evolves on almost a daily basis, it’s easy for me to hypothesize what could be next for the world’s biggest social network. The iFrame technology opens up a new world of graphic and functional possibilities for Facebook business pages, and the analytics are at your fingertips. My prediction? Traffic, interaction and access to your company’s Facebook page will outpace your corporate website.

Think of it this way: Your corporate website is the old standby – like your telephone landline. You have it because it makes you feel secure. You feel like you have to have it. But do you use it as much as you used to? Probably not. However, like your cell phone, Facebook is available wherever you are; it is to your corporate website what your cell phone is to your landline.

Your corporate website may not promote interaction or engagement; you probably don’t update the content on a regular basis. But with Facebook, information is pushed to you in real-time; you don’t have to proactively seek it out. Like your cell phone, Facebook can reach you almost any time and any where. It’s easy to update, has lots of bells and whistles, and you can customize it to best suit your needs.

While I still believe a corporate website is vital to your company’s online presence, I do think we’ll see a shift away from robust corporate websites over the next few years. Websites will become simplified – perhaps even down to one page that contains basic company information and links to your social networks.

Many people will always have a landline because it makes them comfortable, but hardly anybody is without a cell phone; the same is true of your corporate website and your Facebook presence. Just be sure you understand where your audience is spending their time, and promote your company in their space.




  • Tom Albers says:

    Gina, this does seem to be the way things are headed. I wonder if any of the major brands expressed concern over the fact that they are tying so much of their online exposure to a platform — Facebook — that they ultimately don’t control. We all know that Facebook’s functions change almost daily.

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