Can good PR ever be bad?

Posted by Albers Communications on October 12, 2012 |

Can good PR ever be bad?

It depends on who you ask.

An Omaha ice cream shop recently was featured on the prime time TV show, Shark Tank. The ice cream shop’s owners asked “the Sharks” to invest in their business, which specializes in custom ice cream flavors complete with personalized labels and a convenient online ordering system. The company’s request for funding was denied, but the positive PR that resulted from the national televisions appearance has had their cash registers ringing louder than ever.

Their appearance on the show has generated so much new business that the shop’s staffers can hardly keep up with the demand. The tiny store front is now jam packed with shipping boxes – leaving little room for local customers who want a place to linger while they enjoy a scoop or two.

This, of course, is a great example of how good PR can boost business.

So, how can good PR be bad? Like I said, it depends on who you ask.

It just so happens that in the midst of the shop’s new business boom, a certain PR firm was planning a surprise baby shower for a certain PR Specialist who happens to love the ice cream from this little parlor. The date was set, reservations were made and custom flavors with witty labels were ordered.

Unfortunately, the little business that could…couldn’t keep up. We were asked not once…not twice…but three times to reschedule the shower so they could fill all of the orders that were coming in. Since our staff member couldn’t change her due date, we finally had to change locations and held the shower at a nearby cupcake business (who, incidentally, enjoyed their own PR success after a national television appearance).

We always appreciate good PR…even if it forces us to change our plans. And besides, the cupcakes were a pretty good substitute for the ice cream!




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