A perfect storm of news

Posted by Albers Communications on November 2, 2012 |

At the close of 2012, when journalists put together their list of top stories for the year, they won’t need to look much further than this very week. Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast on Monday, Oct. 29, and was given the title Frankenstorm for its proximity to Halloween, but it is the immediacy to our nation’s presidential election on Nov. 6 that has news reporters everywhere stirring. A destructive hurricane with impact over the entire world and the announcement of our nation’s democratic decisions occurring a little more than a week apart. This is what many are calling, the perfect storm of news.

During high profile news time such as this, while most of us are captivated by the steady stream of stories and unique angles presented to us through our mainstream and social media, many businesses and organizations are left wondering how to gain news coverage for anything else. Those that can find an angle in support of the major headlines stand a great chance of gaining coverage, but when that’s not an option, there are a couple of things to remember…

Be patient and have reasonable expectations. These headlines and top stories are major news and we need to be informed on them. If your story can be better timed later on, then there is a higher chance
of success.

Think local. While national news media, daily papers and major networks in certain regions will cover nothing but the top news; local community newspapers and smaller affiliates may divert their attention a little sooner. This may be the perfect time to develop a new relationship.

Unless you are selling the Star Wars franchise during a top news cycle such as this, it might be better to watch and wait for better timing. This is a devastating time for the areas stricken by Hurricane Sandy and it is difficult for businesses to recover from a potential act of insensitivity.




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