Two tragic topics: One media win

Posted by Albers Communications on December 13, 2012 |

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a sucker for the theatre and musicals. I’m particularly beside myself over the next big thing to hit the big screen Christmas Day: Les Misérables.

(Insert giddy clapping here.)

I think I’ve seen Les Mis no less than nine times on stage, and even had the privilege of working the touring show backstage in college. It gets better every time I see it. And now director Tom Hooper is bringing this musical phenomenon to new life by shooting it in a way no musical has ever been done before…with the actors singing in the moment instead of lip-syncing their songs.

(Insert “ooooohs” and “aaaaaahs.”)

So why am I talking about Les Mis in a PR blog?

Because when you launch a mega-movie like Les Mis, a massive media blitz ensues. Being a geek, I’ve watched most of the trailers and interviews associated with this film. Recently, I watched as Matt Lauer interviewed the talented Anne Hathaway who plays the role of Fantine…and it immediately struck me to the core as a PR professional. She tackled two very tough topics with ease.

While getting out of the car at the New York premiere, Hathaway suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, and images of the incident spread like wildfire across the world wide web. When Lauer quipped how he had “seen a lot of her lately,” the actress handled the embarrassing situation with grace and without forgetting the reason why she was there.

Later in the interview, Lauer also questioned Hathaway about the dramatic 25 pounds she dropped to play her sickly, emaciated character – a topic that could put her in the hot seat for giving ideas to young girls seeking ways to get thin. Again, she took the high road, explaining that she doesn’t want to glamorize her dramatic weight loss: “I didn’t do it to get hot. I did it to look like I was dying.”

(Insert polite professional applause here.)

When it comes to the tough questions, a little media training goes a long way. In this case, I believe Hathaway scored a PR home run. Both for herself…and for a film this music nerd can’t WAIT to see…

(Insert waving Kermit arms here.)




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