Omaha hits one out of the park

Posted by Albers Communications on June 21, 2013 |

The Road to Omaha - Image by CWS, Inc.

Image by CWS, Inc.

It’s a big week here in the Big O. This time each year, lovers of America’s greatest pastime descend upon our city for one reason: the love of the game.

Omaha is home to the College World Series, and has been since 1950. Like peanuts and Cracker Jacks, Omaha and college baseball simply go hand-in-hand. College athletes and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being a showcase for great baseball is a source of pride and joy for our city. The people of Omaha, its business leaders, city officials and volunteers, teamed up with the NCAA to make the CWS a nationally renowned event.

But beyond being just about baseball, Omaha loves the CWS for many other reasons – while many are financial… others are about PR. The games allow the city to show off its greatest assets in the national spotlight. And quite frankly, it’s a spotlight Omaha needs in order to change common misconceptions.

Often perceived as a small town “in the sticks,” the city gets a bad rap as being rural. (Which is anything but true.) For a week each June, the CWS helps to alter that perception. Journalists from around the country spotlight Omaha’s trendy restaurants and shops, hip Old Market area, internationally-renowned zoo, amazing steaks and high quality of living on TV, in print and online. Thousands of visitors become Omaha ambassadors, blogging, tweeting and posting on Facebook about the friendly people and places they go during their stay.

Ultimately, the exposure and the positive press brings visitors back to experience the city again and again – resulting in repeat purchases, site visits and service calls … Which brings us full circle back to that “financial” reason Omaha loves the CWS.

And that is precisely the point of good PR.

Omaha is capitalizing on the CWS as a place to tell its story. We all know there’s great baseball to be played… but the city is using the platform to paint a bigger picture of the Omaha experience.

So today I urge you to ask yourself, are you looking at the bigger pictures?  What are you doing to take advantage of the city’s time in the spotlight? Are you focusing on the game… or being a part of the experience?




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