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Posted by Albers Communications on July 23, 2013 | Comments (1)

Katina ZiplineLast week I took a little well-deserved R and R. I admit it…I was fried. I needed to
get away.

I needed a place where the only “tweet” comes from the wildlife, instead of the nearest electronic device.

Well…almost. I mean, who actually lives without wi-fi? I’m not crazy.

We started our vacation in Branson, Missouri for a getaway at Table Rock Lake. While the lake offers natural beauty and isolation which I soaked in like butter on warm bread, the flip side of Branson is a nonstop whirlwind of shows, attractions and shops. It was a “best of both worlds” scenario, as while the grown-ups craved the quiet, we knew the kids needed some excitement built in as well.

My favorite mix of the two came when we explored the great outdoors from a new angle – high above the ground – at the Branson Zipline. It was a fantastic experience, and our guides were amazing. There was peace and quiet (with the exception of the occasional scream from both terror and delight) and also the thrill of seeing nature while zipping through the trees.

So what does this have to do with PR you ask? Perhaps it’s not what happened during our visit, but after.

Out of all the attractions we visited during our stay, the Branson Zipline was the only one that asked us to stay in touch and share our experience with others. I received an email thanking me for our visit and outlining where I could find them in the online space. It gave me their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube information and more. They wanted me to share photos, give feedback and stay engaged.

As anyone who has ever visited Branson knows, there are a multitude of options and choices for family entertainment. It was great to see a business that embraced not only the beauty and preservation of the natural environment, but also the online world where so many of us check in every day.

So what’s the takeaway for you? Make that connection with your clients every day. If you have a social media presence (which you should), follow up right away with your satisfied customers and tell them where to find you. Increase their engagement.

An engaged customer is a repeat customer, and one that will spread the word. Are you engaging your clients…or letting them zip away?




  • Wes Stoner says:

    Katina – Great blog! That advice is key not only in business, but to be engaged in all aspects of our life whether at home, in the community or on vacation.

    Thanks for zippin’ with us.


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