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Posted by Albers Communications on November 27, 2013 |

I know I’m not the only one who will be snapping a picture of a golden turkey this week before a carving knife and my Thanksgiving guests dig into the feast. Surely, many of my social media contacts will do the same, posting pictures of their main courses, sides and desserts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all to admire. As smartphones find their way to the dinner table, I’m sure conversation this year will drift to Martha Stewart and her unappetizing tweets that caused a flurry of press over the past week.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the specific tweet that caused her followers to ask if her account had been hacked and prompted this Buzzfeed article entitled “Someone Needs to Tell Martha Her Food Tweets
are Disgusting.”

In retrospect, maybe Martha wishes she’d taken a couple test shots before posting this salad pic online. But then again, maybe not. Martha has done a pretty good job putting herself back into the spotlight by taking advantage of the attention and using it to tell her story.

First, she addressed it immediately. When the Buzzfeed piece was driving traffic straight to her Twitter page, she had a response ready.

And when the conversation didn’t stop there, she kept it going too. If the posted picture had been appetizing, there never would have been so much attention on that wedge salad. Now, maybe some will try this dressing recipe that otherwise would have been irrelevant.

Martha’s also kept a good sense of humor through it all. It didn’t’ stop her from posting this pasta dish just a couple days later…


or from having fun with the subject on the TODAY show this week. She easily could have told the producers she didn’t want to talk about it, and the segment would’ve been just fine. But, by playing along, she was able to laugh about the criticism and promised there would be more pictures to come from her this Thanksgiving.

So, will her future food photos be any better? Since she’s not apologizing for the photo quality or the food’s presentation, I think it’d be tough for her to stray from her current style. But…maybe she should further take advantage of the sudden attention. I’m sure there’s many photographers who would jump at the opportunity to teach Martha some smartphone tricks on camera.




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