A PR Specialists’ Guide to the Holidays

Posted by Albers Communications on November 26, 2014 |

Thanksgiving is coming, and we’re all looking forward to a long weekend with family. The holiday season can be an odd combination of feelings ranging all the way from comfort and joy, to awkward and OMG!

As we begin this holiday season, we thought a little help from your friendly public relations pros might come in handy as you navigate your family and all its quirks. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Plan to succeed. Part of what makes a great PR campaign tick is a good, solid plan. You can employ this strategy over the holidays by stepping in as your family’s social director. This will alleviate the chaos and stress of multiple families not communicating or the rushing around of last-minute plans. First, decide what problem you need to solve, and create a strategy; then communicate details and get everyone on the same page. If you’re concerned you might be stealing someone else’s thunder, just give credit appropriately. For example, “Aunt Betty, I love your idea of caroling on Christmas Eve this year. Can I email everyone for you and tell them to meet at your place by 6 p.m.? BYOC (bring your own cocoa)!”
  1. Holiday prep-work. We work with our clients to practice the answers to their toughest questions before they get in front of the media, and it’s advisable to use the same process before a holiday get-together. Think about the cringe-worthy questions you might get at Thanksgiving dinner ahead of time and decide what information you do and don’t want to share. That way, when your grandma asks “When do you think you’ll have a baby?” or when Uncle Steve comes at you with “Is that what you went to law school to be?” you’ll be ready.
  1. Be true to yourself. We encourage our clients to stick to their brand and participate in activities like charitable giving programs or special events that are meaningful to their culture and bring about positive feelings. The same goes for your holiday season. Don’t be pressured to attend events that make you uncomfortable, spend more than you should or miss out on traditions that make your holiday happy. If your idea of a special Christmas is a quiet holiday with your closest family and a Charlie Brown tree, know that it’s ok that you spend time with your fifteen cousins and all of their lovely, yet noisy, children on another day of the year.

We, at Albers Communications, wish you the very best, stress-free holiday season and hope that these PR concepts help make your year-end celebrations meaningful and festive this year.




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