A Matter of Opinion

Posted by Gina Pappas on September 2, 2015

I’m going to make an assumption. I’m going to assume that, at some point in your life, you have said something you didn’t mean, or said something in the heat of the moment that you regretted later. I’m also going to assume that, at the time anyway, YOU assumed this statement would not have a significant impact on your future.

Staying in Front of the Movement

Posted by Jordan Yager on August 18, 2015

With recent events like the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage and Caitlyn Jenner’s cover and article in Vanity Fair, gender and gender roles are a hot-button topic. Following this momentum, we are continuing to grow as a society and community, and more brands are stepping outside of the norm by becoming thought leaders and pushing limits.

Target is just one of many brands that are heading this gender-neutral movement by phasing out gender-based signage in their stores. Certain departments, like toys and bedding for children, will no longer hold gender titles but will be known as things for kids. Of course, when a company like Target, the third largest retail store in the nation, takes a stand like this, there will be backlash and controversy.

In the wake of last week’s announcement, Target consumers took to the store’s social platforms to air their concerns. People stressed that removing the indicators will make it more difficult to shop for children or someone you may not know very well. Some also went as far as saying they will no longer shop at Target.

Mike Melgaard, a supporter of the cause, found this as an opening to “troll” people who posted negative comments on Target’s Facebook page. Melgaard created a fictitious Target customer service account called “Ask ForHelp,” providing humor-laced responses to consumers concerns.

Melgaard’s account was quickly shut down less than a day after it was created, but it did provide some laughs for Melgaard, his friends and those who supported his cause. Target, though not outright responding positively or negatively to Melgaard’s support, posted this after:


While Target is standing firm behind their decision, they do understand that not everyone will be on their side. Molly Snyder, one of Target’s public relations representatives, is proud of the way customers are taking this change. “We recognize by coming out and making these couple of changes that people are going to have a wide variety of opinions,” said Snyder, “we expected and respect that. The response from the guests has been overwhelmingly positive.”

A breath of fresh air, in my opinion.

Social Consequences

Posted by Albers Communications on July 31, 2015

The internet has been set ablaze this week with news of a dentist from Minnesota accused of killing the beloved “Cecil the lion” on a big game hunt in Zimbabwe.

Crisis Response: Professionalism and Grace

Posted by Albers Communications on March 27, 2015

Senator Ernie Chambers may have gone too far this week when comparing the Omaha Police Department to ISIS; now, fellow senators are calling for his resignation and pulling their support from his legislation. But professionalism and grace are shown in how these comments are handled when they’re directed at you, and those traits are precisely what Police Chief Todd Schmaderer showed this week as part of his response strategy.

Transparency is Always the Best Course of Action

Posted by Ann Hadfield on February 26, 2015

No business wants  problems, but it certainly can happen to any company, in any industry. And when situations arise that violate a code of conduct or offend your audience, the problem can quickly blow up into a crisis.


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