Give Your Brand a Starring Role With Video

Give Your Brand a Starring RoleIn the next 24 hours, 100 million internet users will watch at least one online video, according to research. In fact, video has become such an important part of the way we use the internet that YouTube is the second largest search engine (next to Google, which owns it) in
the world.

This means that incorporating video into your overall communications strategy is not only hugely important for your SEO, it also gives your business the opportunity to come alive for your audience in new and compelling ways and across multiple platforms.

Not only that, but video is a versatile medium that can be tailored to your specific goals: whether they include recruitment, customer conversion, product or service education, case studies, cause marketing, fundraising, employee training, or any other initiative that you would like to promote.

For example, last summer we produced a video for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands in honor of an Omaha woman being named the National Big Sister of the Year. Not only was the piece shown at the BBBS national conference, where the award was presented, but it is also an inspiring story that Big Brothers Big Sisters can show, not tell, when they are recruiting volunteers or speaking to organizations within the community. (In fact, the video itself is award-winning – you can read more about that below.)

While video allows you to tell a limitless number of stories, there are some fixed best practices for producing a great video of any type:

  • Identify the Goal of the Video: Video is becoming such a vital part of marketing – and provides such value — that it can be easy to get carried away. Instead, determining a specific goal for each video you produce will enable you to keep them concise and targeted to the appropriate audience.
  • Set Your Budget: Video is becoming an increasingly affordable medium, but that’s not to say you can’t spend a lot of money fast if you’re not careful. Knowing your budget from the outset – and exactly what you should be able to get for that money – will help you stay within it.
  • Make it More about Story than Brand: Video has the potential to reach people more effectively than advertising…but only if it doesn’t feel like advertising. If you present your data and your story in a way that compels people to think, feel and act favorably toward your brand, you won’t need to bang them over the head with a lot of blatant promotion. At the end of the day, your question should always be: If I didn’t know anything about my company or our services, would this video make me want to learn more?
  • Get the Right Spokespeople: A CEO or president speaking on behalf of their company is great, but usually not enough. Asking clients or customers, employees, and others to provide testimonials will enhance the message.
  • Promote it Often across All Your Channels: Videos cannot live by YouTube alone. Being able to cross-promote your video content on your social networks, your website, your newsletter (there is a 200% to 300% increase in click-through rate when marketers include video in an email, according to Forrester) and in person gives you more opportunities to get in front of your audience with sticky, compelling content. Also, don’t be afraid to keep promoting your video on a regular basis to give your audience more chances to view and share it.

If the “Video Killed the Radio Star” success of MTV more than 30 years ago proved anything, it’s that when video comes on the scene, it quickly becomes the star of the show. By understanding how to make it work for you, your brand will have a star turn as well.

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