Polishing Up Your Communications Plans

2007907Like an entrepreneur’s work, a strong communications strategy is never done. And now that we’re settled into the New Year, it may be time to ensure that yours is working the way it should for you.

When it comes to certain elements of the communications plan, it can be tempting to want to “set it and forget it.” For example, if a business is fortunate enough to have avoided PR crises thus far, they may neglect to update their crisis plan annually, as most experts recommend. Or, if they feel confident that their spokesperson has adequate speaking experience, they may not bother with media or speech training.

The problem is that a lot can happen in a year, and not fine-tuning your communications plans and procedures accordingly can be costly to your business. In the case of crisis, it is critical to identify your crisis team and make sure they understand their message points and roles; to establish key contacts at local media outlets so that you might have a chance to get in front of a story; and to take preventative measures with your staff to head off a crisis before it starts. All of these things are covered in an effective crisis strategy, but none of them are set in stone. Business growth, personnel changes and even just the passage of time can be the wild cards that foil your crisis plan.

As for media and speech preparation, the best speakers go through some version of training before every public appearance. Developing message points and being critiqued by a trusted advisor are the most effective ways to ensure a confident presentation that hits all the important notes.

If you are interested in how we can help you update your crisis plan or conduct media or speech training with your staff, please contact Gina Pappas at gina@alberscommunications.com or 402.292.5553 x. 9.

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