The Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA) was facing potential cuts in their force. The mayor of Omaha had said she would lay off 19 fire fighters and take two fire rigs and one ambulance out of service. Because fewer fire fighters results in slower response times and reduces public safety, the OPFFA asked Albers Communications to commission a survey of residents who live within the service area of the Omaha Fire Department. The material gathered during this time helped us craft key messages during contract negotiations with the City of Omaha.

Some of the information gathered showed:

  • 97 percent of citizens said it was important to them to keep their neighborhood fire stations open seven days a week
  • 96 percent said it was important to them to keep the Omaha Fire Department’s response times at less than five minutes
  • 89 percent were against removing ambulances from service
  • 81 percent were against removing fire rigs from service
  • 79 percent were against laying off fire fighters
  • 90 percent rated the job performance of Omaha’s fire fighters as excellent or good
  • 92 percent said they feel safe living in Omaha

By collecting this data, Albers Communications helped the Fire Fighters Association get the word out that public safety is their top priority and that the people of Omaha supported them. The mayor eventually accepted a counter offer from the fire department, which kept the 19 fire fighters from losing their jobs and kept all fire stations and rigs in service.

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