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Traits of media relations experts

Traits of media relations experts

We are in the process of filling two public relations job openings on our staff, and this has given me a chance to reflect on the individual traits that are necessary for success in media relations professionals.

Media relations is a sub-specialty within public relations. It’s practitioners work with journalists, editors, producers and bloggers, among others, to achieve earned media exposure for companies, causes or individuals.

Certainly success starts with a passion and understanding of news media, online media and social media. But there are other identifiable characteristics which help determine whether a person will sink or swim in media relations.

I am biased, but I believe we have some of the best media relations experts on our staff at Albers Communications Group. We assessed our six on-staff experts and found that they possess the following traits at much higher degrees than the general population:
– Tendency to be outgoing, people-oriented and participate with others
– Tendency to display endurance and capacity for a fast pace
– Tendency to be friendly, cooperative, agreeable and to be a team person
– Tendency to like activities such as helping people and promoting the welfare of others

If you know of anyone who fits this profile, please send them our way.