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Twitter scores big on World Cup coverage

Twitter scores big on World Cup coverage

If a few months ago you would’ve told me that coverage of women’s soccer would garner more Tweets per second than the death of Osama bin Laden, I would’ve called you crazy.

While I’m glad the team is receiving much-deserved recognition, the Twitter storm took me by surprise. According to Twitter, the defining moment – when Japan kicked the winning goal in a penalty shoot-out – captured 7,196 Tweets per second. That’s over 2,000 more than bin Laden’s death, a news event that broke on Twitter.

A few months ago, when speaking to a local nonprofit group about social media, I said that I thought social media aficionados could be reaching Twitter fatigue. I was wrong. Twitter seems bigger and better than ever. And the stats prove it. The social networking giant’s users send 200 million tweets per day, compared to 10 million two years ago, according to Twitter.

What are the contributing factors to Twitter’s meteoric rise in popularity? While I usually consider 140 characters a limited capacity for sharing a message – at least for some of our B2B clients – its brevity is a perfect fit for a current event like the World Cup. How many Tweets did you see yesterday that simply said, “GOAL!!!” or “USA!”? These short messages bring together the Tweeple who were live Tweeting throughout the game.

The advantage of Twitter is that it allows people near or far, familiar or unfamiliar, to engage in conversation around a shared topic of interest. Yesterday, that topic of interest happened to be our phenomenal U.S. women’s soccer team and their heartfelt effort in the World Cup. I look forward to seeing what captures the keystrokes of the Tweeps next.