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The changing face of the game

The changing face of the game

Let’s face it.

Some of us watch the Super Bowl for the ads. (Hand raised.)
Oh sure, touchdowns and Tom Brady are great. But I’m in it for those 30-second clips that give me a glimpse into how Matthew Broderick would spend a day off or realize just what Jerry Seinfeld would do to be the first in line for a new Acura.

It used to be that we actually had to wait for game day to see what was in store for us. But this is 2012. And in the tidal wave that is social media, many of this year’s advertisers aren’t waiting for game day to make us laugh, talk and think. They’re getting more bang for their multi-million dollar campaign buck by going viral. It’s a smart strategy in any ad campaign, but when you’re talking about the most highly anticipated ads of the year, it’s a no-brainer. When else do we actually “stay tuned” for the commercials?

About half of the advertisers who will air their ads during the Super Bowl this year have already launched their commercials online or put out teaser videos in hopes of being the first to spark our interest. And it’s working.

Uploaded onto YouTube on Jan. 26, Honda’s play on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off has already garnered more than 10 million views. Audi’s glimpse at what happens when a new NSX arrives at a vampire party has logged more than 3 million. That’s not to mention the play these ads are getting on Facebook, bloggers’ websites and in television newscasts as anchors banter about the clever commercials. At $3.5 million for a single on-air play, the value of word-of-mouth is priceless.

While Super Bowl ads are the “ultimate” in advertising, they do serve as great examples of what is possible with social media. Crossing media platforms by using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and traditional broadcast media can generate great buzz. And that should be the goal of any ad campaign: To get people looking, talking and taking action.

When it comes to PR and social media strategies for our clients, we are constantly looking at new ways to weave branding and messaging to reach that ultimate goal… to create a buzz that will enhance relationships between our clients and new or existing customers. Being social media savvy and studying multiple platforms to find what works in today’s quickly-changing world is just one way we stay ahead of that curve.

So this Sunday as you laugh your way through the commercial break, consider this: what will you remember most about the Super Bowl? Is it what’s happening on the field… or will your status update buzz a brand name instead?