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Posted by Albers Communications on February 1, 2013 |

This weekend marks football’s big dance: Super Bowl Sunday. With the must-see commercials and star-studded halftime shows, even the non-football fans, like me, know that we should be in-the-know before heading to work on Monday. Although little of the chatter actually has to do with football, social media has figured out how to stretch out our excitement for the big game for at least a week prior to the actual event.

Super Bowl commercials for brands like Mercedes-Benz and Doritos have already been popping up online this week. According to a recent article, this is good news for marketers. Citing YouTube’s research, the article says ads shown before the game online get 600% more views.

Setting the record for the most Tweeted sporting event ever last year (a record that has since been broken by the Euro 2012 final), the Super Bowl is no stranger to the Twitterverse. Well-marketed hashtags for your favorite football party brands are already populating our social sphere. A surprising Twitter newcomer and popular Super Bowl advertiser, Budweiser, opened their Twitter account for the first time last Sunday to share a photo of their newborn Clydesdale foal, presumably the star of their game day ads.

Some notable brands are hoping to cash in on our multi-tasking media habits by skipping or scaling back on the traditional advertising and launching mobile games and apps in preparation for the big game. Target has passed on their Super Bowl ad spot again this year in favor of a mobile game called “Snack Bowl,” where players get points for throwing game day themed snacks at other party guests. The game is complete with the capability to challenge your Facebook friends.

Now that our social media world has helped us start the Super Bowl party early, it will be hard to be left behind on the buzz on Monday morning — even if I skip watching the actual game. I’ll just need to Google which
teams played.




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