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Ongoing education key to team-building

Ongoing education key to team-building

Within our company, we have a training committee made up of a small group of employees who choose opportunities on behalf of individuals, small groups or the entire Albers Communications Group team in order to further our education in the industry, stay well-informed of the latest trends and better meet the challenges of the work day. This week, the Albers team participated in a training presentation called “Organized by Design: Using Organizational Style to Maximize Productivity,” given by Cyndi Salzmann, APR.

As PR professionals, we tend to get excited about things like planning and organization, so our team met this lunch-hour training session with great enthusiasm. During the presentation, we were divided by our strengths and given a few tips on how best to use them to our advantage when trying to better organize our work flow. The questionnaire provided by the presenter categorized me into the group that included traits like optimistic, enthusiastic, energetic, inspiring and highly verbal. It was suggested that I use strategies like allowing extra time to complete tasks and build in rewards to keep my day enjoyable.

While I think it does sound like a lot of fun to stick up a gold star on my bulletin board each time I secure media coverage for my clients, the Albers team has compared notes and developed a list of our best takeaways for workday organization:

Create project boxes. Do you have a lot of paperwork that needs to be kept in order for your project? Have you attended multiple meetings and your agendas and notes are getting out of control? Our presenter recommended hoarding in an organized way with a project box. I have employed this system in a less sophisticated way with a three-ring binder that keeps my dates and information for one of our clients’ holiday programs in order and portable at the same time.

Employ simple systems. If you can’t remember how to use your organized system or there are too many steps to keep it flowing, your system will go by the wayside on a busy day. Keep it simple. For example, utilize your email inbox to create a system of folders. When an email comes in relative to a certain topic, drag it to the appropriate folder so you can find it quickly when you need it.

Break large tasks into chunks. A large project can seem daunting. Splitting up tasks into a list of to-do’s makes it seem more manageable and even easier to delegate to co-workers who might be able to help you get the job done.

Prioritize your to-do’s. We’ve all lamented over the days when our to-do list took longer to write than completing the actual tasks. By making a long list of everything that needs to get done and a short list of the top priorities, you’ll provide focus to your day and knock those high pressure jobs out first.

The Albers team was grateful for the team training; the chance to develop new perspectives and collaborate with each other on the most effective ways to work towards our goals. We are beginning a busy fourth quarter, followed by an exciting new year and we’re ready…and organized.