Dear Facebook

Posted by Albers Communications on January 23, 2014 |

Dear Facebook,

I haven’t lost faith. I’m an early adopter, a community manager, a proponent of social media for business – big and small, for non-profits and for personalities.

And I get it – tough financial decisions need to be made. But I find it hard to believe your programmers can’t create algorithms that are nominally fair to small business. Loyal and engaged followers of business pages are missing out on well-crafted, timely and interesting content because the ranking of status updates from pages has been played down. If they want more people to see a post, they are prompted to “Boost Post” with dollars.

The small businesses I work with have made their leap. They are willing to meet prospective clients, referrals, current clients and employees in the digital space. They have worked hard for every “Like.” They cannot sponsor lavish giveaways or shell out thousands of dollars for ads. Their “Likes” are their community, and their community deserves to hear what they have to say.

One of the greatest innovations social media has contributed to the marketplace is giving businesses of all sizes the opportunity to better engage with their customers. A well-maintained Facebook presence allows businesses to highlight their role in the community, educate followers about current issues and market services to
potential clients.

It’s also in your best interest to make Facebook the place for small business, where users go to interact with businesses they like or could someday like. But if it’s difficult to get information from these businesses and if they have to dig for posts, users will jump to other channels for this content.

You were a small business once, and your community grew because of the value of your service. Let the same happen for my small business clients. Like I said, I haven’t lost faith, at least not yet.


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