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Scheduled Posts: Friend or Foe?

Scheduled Posts: Friend or Foe?

Two weeks after comedian Joan Rivers passed away, she was magically singing the praises of the new iPhone 6 on Facebook and Instagram. What? Was this some message from beyond letting us know that even in the afterlife we needed this new phone?

No. It was an oops moment. Yes, that’s right, most likely the result of a scheduled autopost that someone forgot to unschedule.

The post was taken down almost immediately, but not before screen captures had spread the word across social media outlets. And for us in the industry, it was a huge reminder that scheduled posts need to be monitored.

As we find ourselves more immersed in getting messages out via social media, there is an increasing reliance on scheduling posts. Social media can be tough, it requires regular updates that are relevant and valuable. It’s not uncommon to do some work ahead of time.

Sure, things like announcing a Groundhog’s Day special or reminding people to buy their sweetheart candy on Valentine’s Day are normally totally innocuous. But if something bad happens to Punxsutawney Phil, you better be prepared to remember you had something going up and rapidly change that post to an “In Honor of Phil Sale.” In other words, someone needs to be responsible for tracking autoposts.

Luckily, less than two weeks after the initial message-from-the-grave frenzy, there’s hardly a blip against what could have been bad press for Apple. Apple’s new phones have been selling like hotcakes, and the only things we are hearing about now are the lines and backorders for the products. As for Joan’s publicist, well, let’s cut her a bit of slack—there were a lot of other media reports surrounding her death, and dealing with those were a lot more important than her affinity for a new phone model.

If only we could all be the Apples or famous comedians of the world!