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Not a fan? I have a plan.

Not a fan? I have a plan.

News flash! The Super Bowl is this weekend. I know, I know, how could we not know? It seems every advertisement in the past couple of weeks whether it’s TV, emails or radio has somehow associated whatever sale or promotion with the big game.

I get it. The Super Bowl had over 111 million viewers last year. That’s a lot of potential customers. Marketers know that people get caught up in the game and the parties. So yes, advertising to those who are hosting or just plain watching is a lucrative market. A 30-second spot during the game costs $4.5 million; companies investing in this know their dollars will have a far reach both during and after the game (when the critics come out and say who had the best ads…and worst.)

But, what if you really don’t care about the game?

I am not a sports nut. I don’t mind getting together with friends and watching a Husker football game or two. In fact, I actually look forward to the one game of the year that I actually go to. There’s nothing like a crisp fall day in Lincoln. Other than that, sorry, I really don’t care. I’m tired of the offers for deals on big screen TVs, “game day” food and all the other stuff that I’ve gotten an email for that supposedly has to do with the Super Bowl. (Really, what does a sale on Keen shoes have to do with football?)

So I’m proposing something for the folks like me. Those who would rather do anything than be subjected to four (very) long hours of intense game watching on Sunday night. How about marketing to the other 200 million plus folks that don’t want to watch the game?  Here’s my list of what I’d like to see:

  • That wine and cheese place that I’ve been dying to go to? I guarantee I could find at least five other girlfriends who would love to escape the house this Sunday for half price drinks and real cheese.
  • While we’re talking about cheese, how about a 5% discount at the grocery store for anything that you can’t make in a crockpot?
  • The movies! I cannot tell you the last time I saw a movie that I wanted to see. It’s always superheroes and action flicks in my house. How about the movie theaters offering a 2-for-1 deal to get people into what I’m sure is practically a ghost town on Super Bowl night. Heck, I’ll even spring for the full price popcorn if it means I don’t have to be at home listening to the shouting coming from the basement.
  • A really big sale at a women’s clothing store where I can have the luxury of trying on everything without having to worry about how much time I’m spending.
  • A credit on my electric bill. If I’m not watching the game, I don’t have every TV turned on, the speakers cranked to full house-shaking sound, the aforementioned crockpots plugged in, and the fridge being opened roughly every 2.3 minutes. Yes, I know I’d be saving on electricity anyway, but a little extra thanks from the electric company would be nice.

When you think about it, taking into the consideration the non-fans could be almost as advantageous as marketing solely to fans. Well, at least for me. I know any business that took me up on my ideas would have a customer for life.