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Twitter Lessons from Taye Diggs

Twitter Lessons from Taye Diggs

The other day I glanced at my Twitter Followers list. (I do this occasionally to make sure I’m following the people who have made an effort to follow me. If it appears to be a real person and not a robot or a dangerous person, I’ll follow back.)

And to my surprise, what do I discover?  A famous person is following me:



So I did what any non-famous person does when the famous show up in their lives: I Facebooked it, Instagrammed it, and Tweeted about it.

Which, apparently, is exactly the point of Taye Diggs going around Twitter and following all of the people.

This began in April, when he was following 40 people. At last look, he is now following over a quarter of a million people.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, Taye is using Twitter and his notoriety to build relationships on Twitter, not just to disseminate information.  He’s using it to strengthen his brand, not just tell people about it.

For business owners and marketers, there are some valueable lessons we can learn form Mr. Taye Diggs:

1. Make people feel like you care. Retweet, respond, and respect those who take the time to follow you, retweet you and respond to you. You can often find Taye responding and retweeting to those in his Twitter feed.

2. Share good (and timely) stories. Twitter is a fast animal and it’s important to keep up-to-date. Share timely content when looking for Twitter engagement. Recently, Taye tweeted about his birthday had had lots engagement.


3. Videos and photos go a long way in the Twittersphere. Taye is constantly updating his feed with Instagram and Vine videos. While this may not work for all business models, quality photos (behind-the-scenes and candids) can really enhance the engagement of any Twitter news feed.

While I don’t feel nearly as special as I did the first time I noticed Mr. Diggs on my follow list, I still appreciate the effort for him to follow me and the lessons we can all gather from it.