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Who’s on your team?

Who’s on your team?

Last week I spent a day with my Leadership Sarpy classmates at Nebraska’s State Capitol meeting with Speaker of the Legislature Galen Hadley, Chief Justice Mike Heavican, Sarpy County Senators Tommy Garrett and Jim Smith as well as our newly elected Governor Pete Ricketts.

We also had the opportunity to watch Ernie Chambers speak as part of a floor debate in the legislative session and listened to testimony during a legislative hearing about new bills that include reform to the Learning Community.

Following our day in Lincoln, we, as a class, developed a list of themes in leadership we observed and one that emerged consistently was the idea of building a solid team. Governor Ricketts spoke to us about building his team as he assumed office in January and how he believes the new individuals he has chosen to fulfill roles on his team will help him meet his constituent’s goals for the State of Nebraska. He noted that building a well-developed team is important to bring new perspective to problem solving and proven expertise to specific areas that need development.

Here are some of my classmates’ thoughts on leadership and building a team:

Everybody surrounds themselves with people whom they can rely on. They are willing to learn and listen to new ideas, and were very passionate about their positions. Not one single “I” in team. – Shelly Stotts, Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce.

A good leader surrounds themselves with a strong team.  They communicate the goal, work on a strategy to find solutions and hold the team accountable.  Whether this is a business, government or a baseball organization, success involves all of those elements.  – Diane McCutcheon, FBG Service Corporation

A great leader surrounds him or herself with great people, and has the ability to identify skill sets and personality traits that are the best fit for those people and the organization. Great leaders also make it a point to develop their staff and make opportunities for them to be successful. – Jeff Calentine, City of La Vista

Great leaders know their strengths and weaknesses. They hire or partner with those folks that are smarter than them. Relationships are extremely important! – Kris Matthews, Alegent Creighton Health Midlands

In your business, think about the goals you want to reach or the problems you need to solve and how you can assemble your team internally to meet your need. Or, if you need to pull in additional expertise, think about trusted partners you could find in your business community and align with their expertise. If you need a trusted partner for your communications strategy, you can always call your friends at Albers Communications Group. We’ll bring our team to meet yours and help you reach your goals with methods like media relations, research, video storytelling, digital, email marketing and more10991471_10155160014305048_3265552186843805450_o