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Collaboration: Bringing Agencies and Startups Together

Collaboration: Bringing Agencies and Startups Together

I’ve always been a fan of collaboration. I love being part of a team. I enjoy working with others towards a common goal. We all have unique talents and abilities that we bring to any group task, and I know that working together brings about the most successful result.

And I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

Last week, Gina Pappas and I attended the first Agency Tech Startup Showcase at the Wareham in downtown Omaha. The purpose of the event was to showcase local startups to area agencies that are looking to streamline processes,  find possible investment opportunities, or to learn more about the vibrant startup scene in Omaha.

The organizers of the event wanted to bring together a group of tech influencers and local agencies ( and then the clients they they work with and for) in an effort to generate some collaboration between the two groups, and I think they succeeded.

I really appreciate the effort to bring the value of the technology presenters to the agencies that can benefit from their endeavors. I know we really appreciated the startups and their innovative ideas and problem-solving nature.

Here’s a bit about who we saw:

ActionCard: This is a great app if you are involved in any type of marketing for franchises, helping to keep the brand message the same across multiple owners and locations.

Blabfeed: This app helps brands connect with their customers in real-time. It is currently beta testing Chicagoleand Target stores. It is a wonderful trade-show and retail engagement platform.

FlywheelA WordPress hosting site, used by more than 10,000 agencies and designers worldwide. This company touts unmatchable service, blazing fast speeds and easy
client collaboration.

opendorse: This company brings brands and professional athletes together for endorsement campaigns. By connecting marketers with professional athletes, opendorse helps agencies capitalize on the value of influencer marketing.

Social Assurance:This company focuses on the social media in the financial industry. With strict regulations, the financial industry has a solution to adhering to regulations while having a voice on the social side.

Yield: A resource-management software intentionally designed to ensure agencies are allocating talent
and time in the most ROI-driven manner, Yield helps agencies make sure their top performers aren’t
consistently over capacity and helps ensure scopes are accurately developed to avoid overage.

Zapier: This is an app that connects the web apps we already use to automate tedious tasks, resulting in better time management.

These businesses all saw a problem and sought to offer a solution. I applaud all the efforts of these innovative businesses and appreciate their contribution to helping agencies work better.

After all, I’m a big fan of collaboration.