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An Excellent Honor

An Excellent Honor


On Wednesday, June 3, the Verizon Wireless Midwest Area PR Team presented the first annual Albers Excellence Award to Tiffany Jackson of Beehive PR from nominations across the Midwest Area partner agencies. The award was established by Verizon’s Midwest PR Team as a way to honor our founder, Tom Albers.

My coworker, Brant Johnson, and I had the privilege to be on-hand as representatives from Verizon talked about why they established the award and the criteria for receiving it. The award will be given annually to a member of the Verizon Midwest Area PR Team as a way to honor the qualities Tom embodied, particularly strategic thinking, commitment to excellence and positive attitude.

Karen Smith, PR manager for the Great Plains Region, says, “The award gives us a lasting way to honor Tom’s legacy. Our relationship spanned nearly 10 years, and I will always fondly remember Tom for his attention to detail and passion for planning.”

As professionals who continue to work every day to maintain Tom’s vision, it was especially meaningful to see first-hand the impact Tom has had on our clients. We place immense value on our longstanding relationship with Verizon Wireless and look forward to being there as future recipients of the Albers Excellence Award are honored.


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