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Get in Social Shape for Summer

Get in Social Shape for Summer

Despite the cold temps and the rainy weather, summer is just around the corner. While some people are working hard at getting in shape for summer, it’s also a good time for brands to pump up their social strategy.

We are nearing the halfway point of 2015 and it’s good time to review the goals set back in January. Tweak some strategies, analyze your results and forge ahead with strong finish to 2015.

Here’s where you should be looking for your mid-year social strategy review:

1. Google Analytics

Knowing the facts is crucial to making the best decisions about your current strategy. And Google Analytics is one of the best tools available for information gathering regarding your website.

You are able to track the performance of your campaigns and see where you may need to focus efforts for the remainder of the year.

With data about the sources of your web traffic, amount of time spent on your site, and where your visitors are spending their time, it gives you a snapshot of what is happening around your current strategy.

Chances are you already have Google Analytics installed on your site, but try to make it a habit to visit regularly in order to make the best decisions to help grow your marketing campaigns.

2. Facebook

It’s vital that businesses start (and maintain) a Facebook page to begin to engage on this social platform.

As a business page, there is access to insights and analytics that are highly valuable when making plans on when and how to connect with your fans. It’s one of the best tools to connect with your clients and communicate on a social level. It allows business to develop trust and relationships with their current clients and provides another avenue to find new customers.

Facebook advertising is another way to spend your advertising dollar. With targeted campaigns available, it’s a very easy way to find specific demographic and get your company in front of your target market. Ranging from $5-$20/day, it’s a very affordable way to spread the word about your business and any new campaigns.

3. Website

Your website is your baby. While you are at the mercy of Google and Facebook for search optimization and reaching your audience,  you own your website.

It’s where customers who are interested in your business go to learn more about who you are, what you do and how to reach you.

Make sure you are maximizing the way you communicate to your audience on your website.

Keep it mobile-friendly. Make finding your contact info simple. Be clear about your what you do.

Take some time today to make some improvements on your social platforms and you’ll be pleased with the results as Summer rolls around in a few weeks.


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