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Telling Your Own Story

Telling Your Own Story

The power of social media has opened doors for businesses of all sizes to tell their own story.

Whereas just 10 years ago businesses relied on traditional media outlets to spread their message, brands can now take ownership of their story. All it takes is a few sentences, a picture or a quick video to draw in the likes, shares and retweets.

Nebraska Medicine is consistently excellent at owning their own story. Their integrated approach to public relations and social media is one we encourage all of our clients to adopt.

Their reputation and credibility has already led to more than 29,000 likes on Facebook, almost 20,000 check-ins and more than 14,000 followers on Twitter.

They keep the traction going by posting pictures, videos and stories several times a day. The kind of stories that people want to click on.


“These kids are why we do what we do.”- Nebraska Medicine posted about an annual head shaving event that raised money for pediatric cancer research. This year’s event raised $7,500. The Omaha World-Herald ran an article about the event, but Nebraska Medicine posted the pictures almost 12 hours earlier, bringing in more than 300 likes and almost 50 shares on their own. The printed article took exposure for this wonderful cause even further.

A 4th of July celebration for pediatric patients. These little firecrackers brought in more than 350 likes and reminded us all to keep the holidays in perspective.

An employee in accounts payable who spent one month creating a quilt for fallen OPD officer Kerrie Orozco’s family. This post brought in 700 likes, 120 shares and 50 comments. The Omaha Police Department shared the story on its page, which got more than 1,000 likes and 62 comments.

All of these stories make you feel proud and connected to our community, but also to Nebraska Medicine.

In most cases, the media jumps on board by either showing up to the event, sharing the pictures or video, or to follow-up on a Facebook post. Even better.

Use the power of social media to share that story. A couple of pictures or a 30-second video can make all the difference in engaging the audience to your message. A public shout-out also shows your employees their work is appreciated.nebmed

If you think something happening inside your walls is funny, inspiring or interesting, chances are others do too. Don’t leave it inside the building. Share it!