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Tragic Fire Shows a Community’s Strength

Tragic Fire Shows a Community’s Strength

image1 (1)Last weekend’s explosion and fire in the Old Market was a heartbreaking way for Omaha to start a new year. Like so many in this community, several Albers employees are regulars at the businesses affected.

In fact, our team had our holiday lunch at M’s Pub just a few weeks ago. As the news reports flooded in on Saturday, the festive warmth we had felt gathered at one of the big tables in the front window that day was a stark contrast to the devastating photos from a block that will never be the same.

As widespread as the damage was, the fire fighters and emergency personnel who worked all day and all night prevented it from becoming so much worse. And the city showed their support. Despite the frigid temperatures, many came to the scene with hot coffee and other provisions, while local Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds were filled with messages of gratitude for the courageous and indefatigable first responders.

The Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association wanted to show their appreciation to the community, so they asked us to put together a video of some of the many kind messages they received. Trevor Towey, treasurer of the OPFFA, asked fire fighters to send any images and posts they had, and our video team was able to capture photographs and messages from social media.

The result was a far more meaningful way for the OPFFA to connect with their audience than mere words could have been and, because all of the content for the video was already available, we were able to produce it inexpensively and very quickly. While many are still reeling from the fire’s damage to our downtown, the ability to make these kind of meaningful connections is an important source of strength and hope for rebuilding.


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