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Winning Franchise Marketing

Winning Franchise Marketing

If you’re a follower of business marketing trends, you are probably familiar with the seven eras of marketing. You may also know that we are currently in the collaboration era, which is all about forming meaningful connections with your audience in real time.

It’s an incredibly powerful strategy, and it truly allows brands to leverage their best assets to better position themselves in the market, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, many franchise networks struggle with how their local franchise offices can make those meaningful connections while still being part of a company-wide marketing plan.

Supporting a local marketing strategy goes deeper than relationship-building with a local audience. It is also about growing the business as a whole. According to a Yodle survey, 89 percent of franchise owners cited marketing support as a key factor in selecting their franchise. However, about 64 percent of those surveyed said that they were at least somewhat dissatisfied with the support they received from their franchisor.

On the other hand, franchise networks who do have an effective local strategy are able to build loyalty among customers in their local markets and maintain a strong, cohesive brand identity. On Wednesday, March 23, I will draw on our company’s 15 years of expertise in marketing franchises to present Leveraging PR and Digital Marketing Across Your Franchise Network, a free webinar that will explore:

  • Why franchise businesses need both network-wide and local communications strategies
  • How multiple-location businesses can effectively share their news using traditional and digital marketing
  • How to make an integrated PR strategy scalable for any sized business

For more information or to register, please click here.