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Albers at the PRSA Professional Development Conference

Albers at the PRSA Professional Development Conference

On Friday, Albers Communications Group was proud to co-sponsor the PRSA Nebraska Professional Development Conference, at which our president, Gina Pappas, spoke.

Gina’s presentation, Crisis Control: When Bad Things Happen to Good Organizations, outlined the A to Z of crisis preparedness and addressed some local crises that have gotten a lot of media attention lately: what worked, what didn’t, how things might have been done differently. There happened to have been some communications professionals in attendance who have dealt with very high-profile, recent PR crises, and they generously shared their perspective with the other participants.

In addition to Gina, there were several other excellent speakers on a variety of topics. You can read more about them here. Some of our takeaways from the day include:

Jordan, account manager

  • Before you rule out a story because it wasn’t picked up by the media, share it on your own platforms – tell your own story.
  • You can’t count on a piece of content to go viral, but if you make a connection with your audience, you have hit a home run.
  • When you change the dialogue, you are able to see something in a different light. Use that newfound idea and create something that causes a reaction, good or bad.
  • In order for someone to become loyal to you, they have to overcome their natural biases and connect with you

Brant, account and project manager

  • You can’t make viral happen so aim for the home run of making a connection instead.
  • Know your brand, don’t deviate from it and don’t be what you aren’t
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks
  • A call to action isn’t always necessary
  • Longer videos are okay under the right circumstances – they can help viewers connect to the story
  • Always be looking for stories—even in non-traditional settings

Jenna, content and editorial director

  • It’s the new normal that you have to pay to play if you want your content to be seen. It’s no longer realistic to expect content to be seen and shared based on quality alone.
  • Companies can predict whether someone is going to buy a car within six months based on just their Facebook usage. If you’re not tracking and leveraging data-driven insights, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience.
  • People are so bombarded with messaging that playing it safe is the same as being invisible.
  • When you are doing something that’s working, keep pushing the results out there so people know about it.
  • We expect people with whom we have a relationship to make life safer and easier for us. We only become loyal if they also make our lives better.

Dani, vice president

  • Authenticity is key to telling your story in a compelling, genuine, relatable way that will make a connection with viewers/readers/listeners, so it’s vital to know what your brand is, and is not.
  • You have to be brave to make an impact. Easy = safe. At the same time, make sure you’re making smart plays with a creative strategy that is true to your brand.
  • Content can’t live on its own. It must be cross promoted through social, owned channels and PR.
  • Listen & explore, follow your objectives, measure your results and make adjustments.