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Five Questions on How the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Promotes Omaha’s Big Events

Five Questions on How the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Promotes Omaha’s Big Events

To celebrate the Olympic Swim Trials and another action-packed College World Series, we’ve asked Kim Sellmeyer, creative director of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, to join us for Five Questions.

1. How does the Greater Omaha Chamber use multi-media during big events such as the CWS and the swim trials?

Omaha plays host to a variety of big events throughout the year, providing an opportunity for us to leave visitors with an increased awareness of all that the region has to offer.

We’ve utilized multi-media efforts in a few different ways. For example, one recent campaign was for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting. This year, we utilized geo targeting and pay-per-click advertising a few months leading up to the event to target those searching for the shareholders meeting or for Warren Buffett. We saw engagement through major publications such as the LA Times, Fox Sports, Chicago Tribune, New York Post and USA Today. Through these efforts, we earned 2,982,915 impressions and 11,483 clicks to Viewers spent more than a minute on our site, learning about our community. We also worked with national media to provide content for stories on Omaha and the unique areas/hot spots within our community.

A less traditional tactic utilized was a display of a giant baseball smashing a car for the 2015 CWS. This introduced the “We Don’t Coast” brand to visitors from across the country and garnered more than 2,900,000 impressions. Our “No Coasting, No Crying” messaging was a fun way to engage baseball fans throughout the event. To engage with media, we provided “No Coasting Kits” with messaging tied to the brand, photo and video assets to use in their coverage.

For the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials, we are participating in the Aqua Zone and have created a Sharknado photo booth. After all, since we “don’t coast,” it’s been 59,170 days since our last shark attack. We’re  handing out t-shirts and coasters, urging participation with the brand on social media and encouraging visitors to explore our local shops and restaurants who are also creating their own shark encounters.

When all eyes are on Omaha, we have always worked with the national media as a source for images, video and information. Now we are taking a more proactive approach – pitching specific stories on what is happening in Omaha, beyond the CWS and Swim Trials, and leveraging those relationships.

2. How has this evolved over the years?

In past efforts, we targeted a selective audience and hosted them here in Omaha – introducing them to our city during one of its busiest times. Now, we’ve expanded that reach to gain exposure on a national level and use a combination of traditional and non-traditional efforts to achieve results.

3. How do you use multi-media to leverage the enthusiasm that people feel for the swim trials and CWS to benefit Omaha businesses in general?

We’re active on social media, creating videos, giveaways and producing lively, unique content to engage visitors, increase local pride and add to the hype and excitement of each event.

Talent recruitment is currently our business community’s primary challenge. This increase in exposure and awareness on a national level helps local businesses overcome initial misunderstandings from recruits about our community.

4. If a business that is a member of the Greater Omaha Chamber wants to leverage their own multi-media channels to show their support of an event such as the swim trials or the CWS, what do you advise they do? Does the Greater Omaha Chamber have any best practices they like businesses to follow in this case?

We encourage our members to be active on social media – be part of the conversation, utilizing the correct hashtags and gaining exposure to their brands and services.

We also help share member content through our channels to bring more awareness and help garner exposure to the great things our members are doing.

5. Do you have any anecdotes or fun success stories of using multi-media in conjunction with a landmark event such as the ones happening this month?

Our largest success was from an event that isn’t even in our market. Peyton Manning’s audible, “Omaha! Omaha!,” allowed us to jump into the national spotlight with Super Bowls 48 and 50. Along with a digital strategy and media outreach, we produced what became a video trilogy where we professed our love to Denver (after the 2014 playoffs), broke up (the night before the big game), and then hooked up one last time (right before Super Bowl 50). We achieved more than 2.6 billion impressions, earned a visit from The Sheriff himself AND educated the public on what “Netflix and chill” is really code for.