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Caught Flat-Footed? It’s Not Too Late to Adjust

Caught Flat-Footed? It’s Not Too Late to Adjust

Although coronavirus has been in the news since early 2020, its dramatic impact on the U.S. has come suddenly. Think back to just one week ago. Life was just slightly more cautious, and the main media message was to stay home if you feel sick. Quickly, things changed. Last Wednesday, the push for social distancing began. Since then, things have escalated on an hour-by-hour basis, not only with new cases of the disease mounting, but also with various closings, policy changes and more.

All of this has forced brands in every industry to pivot. What you were planning to post on your social channels when you developed your March content strategy probably now comes across as tone deaf. Even if your business is relatively unaffected by these current events, there’s no doubt your communications and content need to carry an awareness of the world around us.

If you are in a business that has been directly impacted by the consequences of coronavirus, the best thing you can offer your audience is clear communication. Post any impact to your business on your website, send information in your email newsletter, announce it to the media through a press release, and share it far and wide on your social pages. Perhaps your business would benefit from a quick video of company leadership announcing the measures you’re taking to ensure the safety of your customers and employees, as well as the impact on operations.

Beyond what will certainly be the long-lasting impact of the coronavirus, a lesson we can learn from the past few weeks is to prepare for the unexpected. Two months ago, could any of us have predicted that a pandemic would have a crushing impact on our day-to-day lives? Nobody saw this coming, which leaves many in the same uncertain position. Let’s work together to ensure that we come out stronger on the other side and use it as a teachable moment for our organizations to prepare for the unexpected.

If you need help crafting a message that is sensitive to our country’s precarious position but still allows your organization to maintain some sense of normalcy, please contact us. Or, if you’re looking for tips on how to best work from home, we can help with that too. Our office has been virtual since being founded almost 20 years ago.

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