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Caught Flat-Footed? It’s Not Too Late to Adjust

Although coronavirus has been in the news since early 2020, its dramatic impact on the U.S. has come suddenly. Since then, things have escalated on an hour-by-hour basis, not only with new cases of the disease mounting, but also with various closings, policy changes and more.

Outsourced vs. In-house Marketing

You know those job alerts that LinkedIn and Indeed send every morning? All of us at Albers Communications get them, too. None of us are looking, but even if we were, they wouldn’t be a fit. Often, they’re for jobs that we’re well-qualified to do, but the pay is not commensurate with our years of…
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How does your company measure up?

We’re more than halfway through the year. How is your communications strategy doing against the goals you set for it? Or did you forget to set goals? Goals are different for each organization, but it’s important to have some benchmarks in mind as you set out to reach your audiences. Even if you didn’t define…
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Prepping Your Company Spokespersons

Has your company’s leadership been formally media trained within the last two years? If not, now is the time for a refresher course. Our team of public relations experts has media trained hundreds of spokespersons over our nearly 20-year history, making us among the most experienced media trainers in the area. We are pleased to…
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Is Your Marketing Fund Worth It?

Recently, I was speaking with a business owner who was part of a marketing fund with the other businesses in his development. He was lamenting that he was paying a lot into the fund but didn’t believe he was getting much value from it.  As a restauranteur, he delivers quality, high-touch content to his customers…
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Albers Gives!

If you’re in Omaha and you’ve checked your email or been on social media at all this week, you’re probably aware that tomorrow is Omaha Gives!, the 24-hour, community-wide event that supports close to 1,000 nonprofits in the Omaha Metro. As Kali Baker, vice president of community relations at the Omaha Community Foundation, which sponsors…
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What Zucked this Week, and What Didn’t

  It’s Friday! And, no matter how intense your work week was, we’re willing to bet that Mark Zuckerberg had it harder. Over the course of two days this week, Zuckerberg testified for 10 hours before the House and the Senate, answering 600 questions about whether there should be more regulations on his company (which…
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Video For All

If you post content to social media in the forest and it doesn’t get any Likes, was it really worth posting in the first place? This is a question that many businesses have been asking themselves lately as Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are constantly tweaking their algorithms, causing organizations to see a…
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Chipping Away at Your Brand’s Goodwill

By now you’ve surely heard the chatter surrounding Doritos’ “Lady Chips,” which was all over the news earlier this week after an interview the CEO of PepsiCo (which owns Frito-Lay, the manufacturer of Doritos), Indra Nooyi, gave to the Freakonomics podcast. In it, she said that the brand is getting ready to launch snacks that…
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