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Marketing for Locations, Locations, Locations

When a business does its marketing well, it’s nearly impossible to hear that business’s name without automatically thinking about its brand identity. For example, Southwest Airlines is practically shorthand for great customer service. Coca-Cola might be bad for you, but there’s something about the wholesome image that it’s cultivated over the years that (still) makes…
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The Award for Rebuilding Trust Goes To…

Do you do your accounting with PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)? No, neither do I. But I do know the London-based accounting firm has been tabulating the votes for the Academy Awards for the past 83 years. That fact alone gives them an air of steadfastness and trustworthiness. Or, at least, it did. Until Sunday night when…
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Albers Women Lean In

This weekend, the Durham Museum will open Searching for the Seventies which will showcase the 1970s through photographs taken for a federal photography project called Project Documerica. Get ready for a lot of fun pics of bell bottoms and folks doing the hustle! A more serious cultural phenomenon that we’re looking forward to seeing documented…
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Pizza Love

  If you’re thinking about pizza (and, really, who isn’t), you’ll love our new client. My Pie Pizza hit town two months ago and we have so enjoyed helping introduce their delicious pizzas and great salads to the Omaha community. What sets My Pie apart from other fine-casual pizza restaurants – in addition to their…
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Making Stories Shine

If you love driving around looking at holiday lights this time of year, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to fall into two different categories: charmingly chaotic scenes that many of us remember from our childhoods, complete with imperfectly strung bulbs in different shapes and sizes, vs. elegant, streamlined displays that look like they have…
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Five Questions About Inspiring the Spirit of Giving

One sure sign that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is the popping up of the Salvation Army’s red kettles all over town. In fact, since Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee installed the first red kettle, in 1891, to feed the poor of San Francisco, they have become an instantly recognizable call to…
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What’s Your Company’s Social Media Policy?

Remember last week when we couldn’t wait for the election to be over so everyone could go back to posting pictures of cats on their social media pages? Whooo, were those different times or what?

The Benefits of Pop-Ups

If the 20th century brought dining out to the masses, then the year 2000 ushered in the century of pop-ups. Since then, the idea of a restaurant breezing in to existence for a short season – or even just for one meal – and then disappearing, has become more than a worldwide phenomenon. It is…
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Albers Helps Get Omaha Thinking Pink

Have you noticed that many homes, office buildings and attractions in Omaha have taken on a rosy hue this month? That’s because the Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 385 (OPFFA) and Project Pink’d are marking October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with #OmahaPinkdOut.