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Category: Crisis Communications

Caught Flat-Footed? It’s Not Too Late to Adjust

Although coronavirus has been in the news since early 2020, its dramatic impact on the U.S. has come suddenly. Since then, things have escalated on an hour-by-hour basis, not only with new cases of the disease mounting, but also with various closings, policy changes and more.

A Matter of Opinion

I’m going to make an assumption. I’m going to assume that, at some point in your life, you have said something you didn’t mean, or said something in the heat of the moment that you regretted later. I’m also going to assume that, at the time anyway, YOU assumed this statement would not have a…
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Social Consequences

With the power and the reach of the internet, a dentist in Minnesota can be worldwide name in a matter of minutes.

Crisis Response: Professionalism and Grace

But professionalism and grace are shown in how these comments are handled when they’re directed at you, and those traits are precisely what Police Chief Todd Schmaderer showed this week as part of his response strategy.

Teamwork, Agility Key to Nebraska Medicine’s Ebola Response

From a PR perspective, even the most well thought-out crisis plans can’t always prepare you for something like what Nebraska Medicine has been through.

Somebody’s always watching

Last week, I violently attacked my brother-in-law in a hotel elevator. His security guard had to pull me off. Repeatedly. My sister, inexplicably, just stood there and watched.

NBA sends strong message

This afternoon, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sent a strong message to Clippers owner Donald Sterling: Banned for life from any and all NBA events, and a fine of 2.5 million.

Newsworthy fever

Nothing like a pervasive, invasive internet bug to make you want to take a complete tech sabbatical and spend some time enjoying this beautiful spring weather.

Game-changing PR

I love football. I love the strategy involved. I love the execution of the game. I love watching the big playmakers.