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Category: Crisis Communications

Social media requires heart

National tragedies require special attention by PR and social media professionals.

Going for PR gold

For athletes, the road to the Olympics is paved with blood, sweat and tears. The same goes for the event’s organizers and PR pros – though blood, sweat and tears of a different nature.

The dangers of erroneous reporting

Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes, and most of them are small in the grand scheme. It’s okay. But sometimes mistakes are made on a much larger scale – mistakes that not only call into question the judgment of the person who makes the mistake but also the credibility of the business or industry that…
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A lesson in scandal

It was a story that could have made great “ripped from the headlines” fodder for a prime-time drama. A promising superintendent from one city is hired away by another city, only to lose both jobs for a violation involving salacious emails sent from work computers.

In times of crisis, face the music

Sitting on the sidelines, watching as the Penn State scandal unfolds – not just as a PR person, but also as the mother of three small children – is horrifying. No matter which hat I’m wearing.

From blame to shame

It is often said that attorneys who represent themselves have fools for clients. I think the same can be said for public figures who think they can manage their own public relations – especially during a crisis situation.

Time to dust off your crisis PR plan

The first week of 2011 witnessed two senseless acts of violence that resonated for Americans on a national – and a personal – level. Both were shootings in public places: one in an Omaha high school, one in an Arizona shopping center. Both were scenes of mass panic and confusion. Both attracted instant media attention.…
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