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Category: Media Relations

Daybreak or twilight for Newsweek?

Last week, newsstand stalwart Newsweek announced that it will cease print publication at the end of this year, ending a print run just shy of eight decades.

Numbers add up for PR

In PR circles, the famous question, “What’s in a name?” is less important than the phrase, “What’s in a number?” I guarantee, if you scan the headlines, every day you can find a news story that hinges on a significant number.

Maximize your media opportunity

Active in your community? Leader in your industry? Champion for a cause? If so, there is a strong possibility that you will be asked for an interview by your local media. While some people jump at the chance to share their story and spread the word, others shudder at what the outcome might be.

The dangers of erroneous reporting

Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes, and most of them are small in the grand scheme. It’s okay. But sometimes mistakes are made on a much larger scale – mistakes that not only call into question the judgment of the person who makes the mistake but also the credibility of the business or industry that…
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A lesson in scandal

It was a story that could have made great “ripped from the headlines” fodder for a prime-time drama. A promising superintendent from one city is hired away by another city, only to lose both jobs for a violation involving salacious emails sent from work computers.

Consider the source…social media

Looking to score a spot on your local TV news but just aren’t sure how to get the exposure? Your personal and professional Facebook and Twitter accounts could do more work for you than you think.

Lights… camera… now, talk!

The Top Five Things You Should Know to Pull Off a Great TV Interview “We’d like to interview you.” Those five words can strike both excitement…and simultaneous fear. Have you ever had someone stick a camera and microphone in your face then ask you to act natural?

Albers staff makes top news picks

It’s that time of year again, when newspapers, magazines and TV shows make their picks for the top this-or-that of 2011. Since we work in the news business, I asked our staff to choose their top news story of the year and provide their thoughts on why.

Sinking and rising with the news tides

I’ll always remember the first story placements we were able to achieve for our clients in major media such as National Public Radio, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. It’s a feeling like no other.