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Category: Media Relations

From blame to shame

It is often said that attorneys who represent themselves have fools for clients. I think the same can be said for public figures who think they can manage their own public relations – especially during a crisis situation.

Every story needs a familiar face

When you think about local coverage of the most important news stories over the years, there tends to be one common thread: each is told in such a way that brings it right back to your hometown.

AP never goes out of style

Associated Press style, or AP style as it is commonly referred to, is the journalism world’s standard for writing. This includes grammar and punctuation. It is a form of writing that can make all the difference in whether or not a news organization picks up a press release.

Bad habits dilute communication

This week I attended the parent open house at my daughter’s school where we were able to experience a condensed version of our child’s daily schedule. During our literature “class,” Mr. Larsen said one of his goals with the sophomore students’ major essay assignments is to have them eliminate all use of the passive voice.

Declining a story while maintaining credibility

One obvious goal of a public relations program could be to secure news coverage for your client or company. We carefully craft pitches to grab the media’s attention. We toe the line between being persistent and not being a pest. And at Albers Communications Group, we take “no” for an answer when it comes from…
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Human interest stories continue to thrive

There is a noticeable difference on the front pages of community newspapers today.

News embargoes: good, bad or ugly?

With the prevalence of online news outlets, Google alerts, blogs and more, it’s no secret that news is always breaking. But what happens when the news is a secret?

Traits of media relations experts

We are in the process of filling two public relations job openings on our staff, and this has given me a chance to reflect on the individual traits that are necessary for success in media relations professionals.