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Albers at the PRSA Professional Development Conference

On Friday, Albers Communications Group was proud to co-sponsor the PRSA Nebraska Professional Development Conference, at which our president, Gina Pappas, spoke. Gina’s presentation, Crisis Control: When Bad Things Happen to Good Organizations, outlined the A to Z of crisis preparedness and addressed some local crises that have gotten a lot of media attention lately:…
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Staying Cool in the Spotlight

In honor of Sunday’s Academy Awards, our resident public speaking experts offer advice on what makes a great speech. First up, Account and Video Production Manager Ann Hadfield, a veteran TV reporter and producer, offers her tips on how to achieve – and more importantly, project – confidence. Tomorrow, we will hear from Albers vice president and certified speech judge, Dani Hatfield, about the key things every person giving a speech or interview should know and do. Then, on Monday, Ann and Dani will share their recap on the best and worst speeches of the evening.

Proof Positives

A typo or spelling error doesn’t only make a company look foolish, it can result in big financial losses as well.

Audible Pauses: Lessons from a Sunday Afternoon Press Conference

Why are these little utterances or throwaway words so significant? Because they steal the power from your message.