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Category: Social Media

Winning Franchise Marketing

If you’re a follower of business marketing trends, you are probably familiar with the seven eras of marketing. You may also know that we are currently in the collaboration era, which is all about forming meaningful connections with your audience in real time.

A Matter of Opinion

I’m going to make an assumption. I’m going to assume that, at some point in your life, you have said something you didn’t mean, or said something in the heat of the moment that you regretted later. I’m also going to assume that, at the time anyway, YOU assumed this statement would not have a…
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Social Consequences

With the power and the reach of the internet, a dentist in Minnesota can be worldwide name in a matter of minutes.

Telling Your Own Story

The power of social media has opened doors for businesses of all sizes to tell their own story.

Whereas just 10 years ago businesses relied on traditional media outlets to spread their message, brands can now take ownership of their story.

Get in Social Shape for Summer

Despite the cold temps and the rainy weather, summer is just around the corner. While some people are working hard at getting in shape for summer, it’s also a good time for brands to pump up their social strategy. We are nearing the halfway point of 2015 and it’s good time to review the goals…
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Snow Day Messages

My children will never know the anxiety of watching a scrolling list of cancellations.

Twitter Lessons from Taye Diggs

The other day I glanced at my Twitter Followers list. (I do this occasionally to make sure I’m following the people who have made an effort to follow me. If it appears to be a real person and not a robot or a dangerous person, I’ll follow back.) And to my surprise, what do I…
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Less is More

Ask your neighbor, your mom or the stranger in the grocery store, chances are we would all agree: We are drowning in a sea of too much. Everything – from laundry, to children’s activities, to working and social commitments, there’s just one thing there’s never enough of. Time.

Facebook Save: Use it

Are you using the “Save” feature on Facebook? It’s great. Really, it is. I’m not one to rave about Facebook changes, but this has really helped me keep track of those things that I want to read but don’t have time for at the moment. Or for those things that I want to show someone…
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