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How does your company measure up?

We’re more than halfway through the year. How is your communications strategy doing against the goals you set for it? Or did you forget to set goals? Goals are different for each organization, but it’s important to have some benchmarks in mind as you set out to reach your audiences. Even if you didn’t define…
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Proof Positives

A typo or spelling error doesn’t only make a company look foolish, it can result in big financial losses as well.

Take a Vacation (and that includes from your inbox!)

The weather is warm. The sun is shining. The kids are on break from school. Twilight is lit up by fireflies. It’s summertime! And with summertime, comes travel. And with travel comes time off from work.

Get in Social Shape for Summer

Despite the cold temps and the rainy weather, summer is just around the corner. While some people are working hard at getting in shape for summer, it’s also a good time for brands to pump up their social strategy. We are nearing the halfway point of 2015 and it’s good time to review the goals…
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Your everyday 15 seconds of fame

Every morning, hundreds of people wake up in New York City for one simple reason: to crowd around the heavily tinted windows of NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza to cheer and wave their signs.

The magic of media

Harry Potter. Deathly Hallows. Social Media. Do you remember where you were when Dumbledore died?

PR 101: Don’t forget your backyard

In light of the changing PR landscape, it’s easy to focus on the new and exciting social media options available. While I would be the last to dispute that social media offers great value to a PR program, I think it’s important to find ways to promote your business in your own backyard.