Staying On Brand

You have probably come across the statement, “Your brand is your most important asset,” and hopefully you’ve agreed. After all, shouldn’t the client be number one? What about commitment to excellence? And having great employees is pretty high on the list too, right?

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Service Spotlight

One of the most challenging times for any brand is the loss of its founder. How will the organization maintain its brand identity when the person who developed it is no longer there? It is a question that Apple famously wrestled with when Steve Jobs died and that Starbucks faced when Howard Schultz stepped down as CEO (he wound up coming back to save the company). As many of you know, we at Albers have recently found ourselves in this same position with the unexpected death of our founder and president, Tom Albers.

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Welcoming Andrea Gallagher Haggar

We are excited to introduce our newest account manager, Andrea Gallagher Haggar.

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