Strategic Planning

From planning to plan, to setting PR goals, to determining your budget, to tweaking your strategy for a new year, good planning is at the heart of every strong PR effort.

Our planning process starts the moment we meet with a client and is fine-tuned as we develop each project to ensure that their goals and objectives are being met, with measurable results.

Media relations/earned media

In today’s busy newsroom, relationships matter more than ever. The strong reputation and history our team has built with the media in every U.S. state and Canada play a huge part in our success in placing meaningful and memorable stories for our clients. Our client campaigns have generated more than 1.2 billion earned media impressions and more than 30,000 news media story placements, including stories in The Wall Street Journal, Today Show, USA Today, CNN, National Public Radio, the Associated Press and Kiplinger’s.

Click here for a case study on a client with whom we’ve worked on media interviews with outlets including The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, the Associated Press and Reuters.

Media interview preparation/training

Omaha’s own Warren Buffet is said to have chosen his college classes to avoid those that would force him to speak in front of a group. After launching his career, he realized that his fear was getting in his way and enrolled in a Dale Carnegie course. He says of the experience, “If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.”

Getting across your ideas does not happen by chance; it is the result of careful preparation and a seasoned approach. The newsroom veterans on our team coach our clients and their spokespeople on techniques to stay in control of their message and make the most of their media opportunities.

Content creation and writing

With everyone being constantly bombarded with information, every single day, making your content connect with your audience can be a difficult challenge. Our writing services, including printed materials such as print newsletters, brochures and leave-behinds, digital marketing, and scripting or sound bites for public appearances, help clients tell their stories in a succinct, brand-consistent and memorable way.

Special event planning

To paraphrase a famous quote: 80% of your success is their showing up. In order to keep our clients in front of their customers and their industry, we plan, promote and produce events of all sizes, including year-long celebrations, grand openings and webinars.

Community relations

People tend to care most about what’s in their own backyard. We are proud to help organizations, such as the Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association and the Omaha Zoo Foundation contribute to their communities by planning, implementing and/or promoting simple, yet multi-faceted, cause-marketing campaigns that support local initiatives and highlight issues that are important to our clients – and their audience.

Speaker placements and training

Since we work with industry leaders, it’s no surprise that organizations want to hear what our clients have to say. We actively seek and suggest speaking opportunities that will increase our clients’ exposure in their communities and help position them as experts in their field. We also provide our clients with the tools and training to ensure that every speaking engagement helps them meet their communications goals.

Opinion research

Behind every great story is solid research. We help our clients plan and execute a thoughtful, thorough and repeatable research strategy that doesn’t just support the story they want to tell, it helps them shed new light on their subject and strengthens their authority as industry experts.

Click here for a case study on how our opinion research helped one of our clients succeed in a tough negotiation.

Crisis communications and planning and response

The best time to have a crisis is never. The second best time is once you have a crisis plan in place. We build complete crisis plans for our clients based on their individual concerns and work with the client to keep the plan fine-tuned, rehearsed and ready for use.

Businesses of every size need a solid crisis plan that emphasizes step-by-step protocols for handling any crisis. This includes directing inquiries to the appropriate person or people, developing key message points, conducting media training, considering both traditional and social media, and frequent evaluation of the overall strategy to ensure that it remains effective and comprehensive.

When it’s appropriate for the business, we have conducted occasional company-wide or departmental crisis drills, which involve scenarios of potential crises that could happen in that specific industry. The drills allow us to assess how well the crisis plan is followed, while giving our clients the opportunity to practice their plan, so that they can use it confidently in the event of an actual crisis.

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