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Video Services

Video has become an essential medium for marketing and communications. Albers Communications believes the key to successfully integrating video into your communications plan is to create content that gets attention, raises awareness and supports your brand. Our video production experience includes presentation and explainer videos, testimonial and sales videos, video advertising and much more. Whatever your message, saying it with video creates engagement with your audience and connects them to your brand.

Pre-Production Planning

Our team handles everything, from concept to completion. Our processes include conceptualizing, writing, scouting, casting, shooting, editing, graphic design, voiceover, music and distribution. Together with our clients, we develop a plan and purpose for each video.


We write scripts that capture an organization’s voice in an engaging and accessible way to tell your story. Our objective is to tell your story in a succinct, brand-consistent and memorable way.


Our video production team shoots all our videos. We are on-site to ensure that our clients feel confident and comfortable every step of the way.


We provide post-production work that ensures a slick and timeless finished product. Our production team combines video, audio, voiceover, music and graphics to create a quality video product that stands out in a crowd and supports your objectives.


We work with our clients to find a video strategy that suits their budget and exceeds their expectations. Contact us to discuss your project.