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Marketing for Locations, Locations, Locations

When a business does its marketing well, it’s nearly impossible to hear that business’s name without automatically thinking about its brand identity. For example, Southwest Airlines is practically shorthand for great customer service. Coca-Cola might be bad for you, but there’s something about the wholesome image that it’s cultivated over the years that (still) makes…
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Building a brand the Disney way

The Disney brand has worked tirelessly over the years to establish a reputation for exceptional customer service. From the time you enter the park, to the smiling faces throughout and every detail in between, Disney parks are a master class in creating a brand and enforcing it flawlessly.

The changing face of the game

Let’s face it. Some of us watch the Super Bowl for the ads. (Hand raised.)

What’s in a brand? Ask The Pancake Man

This past weekend, I had the rare opportunity to work side-by-side one of Omaha’s brand-building gurus. No, it wasn’t Warren Buffett, Chip Davis, or Conor Oberst.

PR 101: Don’t forget your backyard

In light of the changing PR landscape, it’s easy to focus on the new and exciting social media options available. While I would be the last to dispute that social media offers great value to a PR program, I think it’s important to find ways to promote your business in your own backyard.