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Outsourced vs. In-house Marketing

You know those job alerts that LinkedIn and Indeed send every morning? All of us at Albers Communications get them, too. None of us are looking, but even if we were, they wouldn’t be a fit. Often, they’re for jobs that we’re well-qualified to do, but the pay is not commensurate with our years of…
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What Zucked this Week, and What Didn’t

  It’s Friday! And, no matter how intense your work week was, we’re willing to bet that Mark Zuckerberg had it harder. Over the course of two days this week, Zuckerberg testified for 10 hours before the House and the Senate, answering 600 questions about whether there should be more regulations on his company (which…
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Video For All

If you post content to social media in the forest and it doesn’t get any Likes, was it really worth posting in the first place? This is a question that many businesses have been asking themselves lately as Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are constantly tweaking their algorithms, causing organizations to see a…
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Making the New Facebook Algorithm Work For You

Facebook’s latest algorithm change has struck fear in the hearts of marketers everywhere. While the social media giant is billing the rollout as a way to strengthen personal connections and make the time people spend on Facebook more meaningful, organizations that have used the network to engage with their target audience are concerned they will…
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Albers Asks Five Questions about Working with Influencers

2017 has been the year of micro-influencer marketing – and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Micro-influencers are social media users who have a respectable following, but nowhere near the millions of followers of, say, a Kardashian. The reason why micro-influencers are the current coin of the realm is that a…
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Telling Your Own Story

The power of social media has opened doors for businesses of all sizes to tell their own story.

Whereas just 10 years ago businesses relied on traditional media outlets to spread their message, brands can now take ownership of their story.

Scheduled Posts: Friend or Foe?

Two weeks after comedian Joan Rivers passed away, she was magically singing the praises of the new iPhone 6 on Facebook and Instagram. What? Was this some message from beyond letting us know that even in the afterlife we needed this new phone? No. It was an oops moment. Yes, that’s right, most likely the…
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Social media in the classroom — and beyond

Last week, my 13-year-old daughter left bright and early one morning for a school trip to Washington DC. The trip had been planned for nearly a year, and her excitement had been steadily building.

Where do broken hearts go? To the internet, of course

In the past, grieving publicly was a practice reserved for those who openly wore their heart on their sleeves. But, this weekend I noticed a new trend emerging through social media upon the passing of music legend Whitney Houston.