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Tag: Social Media

Steve Jobs’ social media sendoff

Yesterday evening, my two-year-old daughter called a celebrity on my iPhone.

Twitter scores big on World Cup coverage

If a few months ago you would’ve told me that coverage of women’s soccer would garner more Tweets per second than the death of Osama bin Laden, I would’ve called you crazy.

The magic of media

Harry Potter. Deathly Hallows. Social Media. Do you remember where you were when Dumbledore died?

In government or business: Power to the Tweeple

Revolutionary chic is not a new thing. Just ask Che or Mao. But the latest iconography centers not around a firebrand in a worker’s cap, but a small handful of social networking applications: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Fact-checking sources in the age of social media

It could be argued that the most basic and important tenant of journalism is adherence to accuracy by “checking the facts” on a story. Knowing a reporter or an editor has done everything they could to make sure their story is as factual as possible helps readers and viewers to trust the news product they…
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College grads need more than a diploma

Recent college graduates are entering the job market armed with freshly-minted degrees but with few solid career prospects.

PR 101: Don’t forget your backyard

In light of the changing PR landscape, it’s easy to focus on the new and exciting social media options available. While I would be the last to dispute that social media offers great value to a PR program, I think it’s important to find ways to promote your business in your own backyard.