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Twitter Lessons from Taye Diggs

The other day I glanced at my Twitter Followers list. (I do this occasionally to make sure I’m following the people who have made an effort to follow me. If it appears to be a real person and not a robot or a dangerous person, I’ll follow back.) And to my surprise, what do I…
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Social media in the classroom — and beyond

Last week, my 13-year-old daughter left bright and early one morning for a school trip to Washington DC. The trip had been planned for nearly a year, and her excitement had been steadily building.

Why the Instagram acquisition is good for Facebook

Social networking giant Facebook spent $1 billion dollars this month to acquire photo sharing mobile app Instagram. While this has many Instagram app users reaching for the delete button, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg assures us through his status update that the acquisition is a good thing,

Twitter scores big on World Cup coverage

If a few months ago you would’ve told me that coverage of women’s soccer would garner more Tweets per second than the death of Osama bin Laden, I would’ve called you crazy.

In government or business: Power to the Tweeple

Revolutionary chic is not a new thing. Just ask Che or Mao. But the latest iconography centers not around a firebrand in a worker’s cap, but a small handful of social networking applications: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Time to dust off your crisis PR plan

The first week of 2011 witnessed two senseless acts of violence that resonated for Americans on a national – and a personal – level. Both were shootings in public places: one in an Omaha high school, one in an Arizona shopping center. Both were scenes of mass panic and confusion. Both attracted instant media attention.…
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Fact-checking sources in the age of social media

It could be argued that the most basic and important tenant of journalism is adherence to accuracy by “checking the facts” on a story. Knowing a reporter or an editor has done everything they could to make sure their story is as factual as possible helps readers and viewers to trust the news product they…
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